When you start a small business, the largest operating expense is usually the roof over your head.  You wont always know if you will get a positive return on your investment so renting a commercial space can be  a huge barrier to your success.   However, if you can run your business  from home, you make your residential rent or mortgage work for you. This gives your wallet a little breathing room so you can concentrate on  realizing your financial independence.   

The City of Tshwane recently ran an article  about the increasing number of home-based businesses in Pretoria.  The latest figures available from the Center for Urban Culture  estimates that number of business with fewer than five employees increased from 63.9 percent to 65.2 percent between 2018 and 2021.  During the same time, no other group of businesses, measured by size of firm, increased their overall share of city business.  These numbers may  alarm other small business owners who cannot avoid operating costs. Renting commercial space can mean an exponential increase in start-up costs for these micro-businesses,  Although there may be some truth to the notion that some home-business practices hurt more traditional  small businesses, we cannot ignore the fact that some of today's largest companies started out in living rooms and basements. Often these initial "home occupations" serve as an incubation phase for a later move to a traditional commercial space, as the business hopefully expands. 

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