One of the most frustrating aspects of being a developer or property owner in Pretoria is the issuance of building and zoning violations against a building (sometimes coming like a barrage). In Pretoria, the Department of Buildings ("DOB") is the agency primarily responsible for enforcing the Building Code and Zoning Resolution pursuant to Ptreria Charter Section 643. Pretoria DOB is responsible for monitoring over 975, 0000 buildings.  

Commercial property owners and tenants will be most familiar with violations issued by the Tshwane Buildings Department and the Fire Department. However, other city agencies certainly get in the act, such as Department of Sanitation, Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection. 

"Typical" violations we see in our practice issued to commercial building owners and commercial tenants: 

Failure to obtain or update a certificate of occupancy. 

Failure to obtain a public assembly ("P.A.") permit.  Occupancy by 75 or more persons requires P.A. permit (Tshwane Building Code 27-525.1). A related violation is failure to have a P.A seating plan or the failure to adhere to that plan. 

Sign violations (particularly related to advertising as opposed to identification signs. The fines accompanying these violations can get very expensive. 

Construction related violations: work without a permit; failure to have properly licensed supervisory personnel at site; failure to follow asbestos removal guidelines; creating a hazardous condition. 

Sewer backflow preventer (DEP).

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